About Amycel

amycelAmycel / Spawn Mate’s Mission…is to be the technological innovator and premium producer/supplier and marketer of mushroom spawn, nutritional supplements and related productivity products, nationwide.

Outside---SJBWe recognize that our customers are the lifeblood of our business and that achieving customer satisfaction is the key to our success. We will work in partnership with our customers and strive to achieve the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Quality and reliability are also cornerstones of our business. It is our goal that our products become the basis for defining what are premium standards in the industry. We will work to maintain our customers’ confidence in us and be industry leaders in production technology, new product development, quality control, grower service and total customer satisfaction.

Amycel/Spawn Mate will take an industry leadership role in sharing the latest in technology and cultural practices. Our goal is for growers to be better informed and more empowered to achieve greater performance.

We recognize that our success also depends on our ability to work as a team and to achieve excellence in our management practices. This requires dynamic leadership and maintaining a positive, nurturing work environment where our most valuable resource-our employees-can experience pride and a sense of ownership in our business.

nitrogenpic“In our customers’ success, so lies our own.” We believe that our reward for achieving this is continued growth, personal satisfaction and improved profitability for our customers, our employees and our company.

Mushroom spawn is produced by Amycel Inc. at one of its 2 locations in the United States, San Juan Bautista California and Madisonville Texas.

Amycel San Juan Bautista is also the site for production of the inoculum used at all Amycel spawn plants. Culture maintenance and inoculum production activities are conducted by technicians with many years of experience in all phases of spawn production. Master cultures are preserved in liquid nitrogen for long term stability with duplicate cultures stored at the Biotechnical Research Laboratory.

Amycel San Juan Bautista is the home office for the company, not only for inoculum production, but for business administration and process development.

Amycel produces a full range of mushroom spawn including off white hybrids, brown strains for Portabella / Crimini production, in addition to Pleurotus (oyster) and Shiitake strains.

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