The Amycel Family of Spawn Strains

PhoenixxAmycel Phoenixx was developed to give growers a high yielding strain that could easily be tailored to their specific market needs. Phoenixx is an aggressive and very productive strain, which produces large heavy bodied mushrooms while maintaining competitive yields.
Amycel XXXAmycel Triple X was designed to give growers an advantage in today’s competitive marketplace by combining speed, productivity and quality. XXX is our most vigorous strain and is faster in all phases of growing and production. XXX produces mushrooms with excellent quality and density, while maintaining high yields.
Amycel DeltaAmycel Delta is one of the most consistent premium quality strains, and is the preferred strain and best producer on tray farms. Delta is a moderate pinner and will continue to size without opening, allowing for a high percentage of large mushrooms. While Delta is suited for a variety of growing and compost conditions, optimal productive and quality ensure that compost moister and dry weight is consistent.
Heirloom is the first new hybrid strain to be developed in the last 30 years. Characterized by heavy-bodied mushrooms with beautiful brown caps, as well as increased yield and better timing, Heirloom is faster becoming the worldwide standard for brown mushrooms. Well-suited for both Portabella and Crimini production, Heirloom is genetically unique and cannot be cross CAC’s with any other strain. Optimal Heirloom production may require some changes or shifts in your growing practices and Amycel technical representatives are available assist you at every stage of crop production.
Amycel Brawn is a premium brown hybrid strain closely related to Amycel Heirloom. Under optimal growing conditions this strain produces dark brown dense mushrooms, and is ideal for growers looking to produce a size mix with a high percentage of Portabella sized product. Brawn is ideal for growers looking for an alternative to Heirloom, but who still want to grow a premium brown hybrid. Brawn is genetically unique and is not compatible with Heirloom or any other brown strain on the market.

Amycel Oyster Mushroom Strains

 SpeciesCap ColorGeneral Characteristics
3014Pleurotus pulmonariusBrownExtremely productive. Fastest oyster strain coming into production.
3015Pleurotus ostreatusGrayProductive strain with dense cap tissue.
3070Pleurotus sp.Gray with Brown StriationsVery productive with dense clusters and smaller cap size.

Additional spawn strains are available to meet any market need or requirement.

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