spwnlogoSpawn Mate, Inc. was formed in the early 1970’s around a patent developed by Penn State University for a delayed release nutritional supplement for mushrooms. Spawn Mate essentially established itself as the standard for mushroom supplementation within North America. The key to Spawn Mate’s acceptance and success lies in several essential product criteria:

  • The products can be added at spawning or casing.
  • The nutrients are delivered in a delayed release form.
  • Nutrient levels are sufficient to provide a significant amount of energy to stimulate yields and provide an economic benefit to the grower.

To this date, all Spawn Mate products have been denatured, providing key benefits in temperature control during spawn run. By varying the type of ingredients and the protein levels, Spawn Mate supplements can be varied to fit into different growing systems and farm requirements.

The Spawn Mate Family of Supplements

  % ProteinRate (% DWT)General Characteristics
Pro Mycel GoldSDS54%3% - 5%A balanced nutritional content of lipids, carbohydrates, micronutrients, and multiple protein sources. The Gold Standard.
UltimateSDS48%3% - 4%A high yielding balanced formula of soy products without the addition of animal protein that consistently runs cool during spawn run. Ultimate has a larger particle size distribution than our other supplements which can help you gauge uniform application to the compost.
TBSSDS41%3% - 4%A carefully formulated blend of basic carbohydrates and proteins from plant and animal sources. TBS gives you the power to produce at lower protein levels, with controllable temperatures.
Pro Mycel TitaniumSDS48%4% - 4.5%Combines the benefits of delayed release with a specially formulated mixture of inorganic compounds and animal proteins.
smo-proSDS48%3%-3.5%SMO PRO 2.0 is a non-vegetable based supplement approved for certified organic mushroom production. The absence of vegetable ingredients eliminates concerns about GMO's from certifying agencies. It is a blend of partially denatured protein and a mineral filler. Temperature control is very manageable during spawn run due to the mid-range protein level in SMO PRO 2.0. The lack of readily available carbohydrates reduces concerns with molding during crop production. These benefits makes SMO PRO 2.0 the best choice for your organic crop supplement.
PG NaturalSDS54%3% - 3.5%For use in Organic Mushroom production. All the benefits of Gold while complying with all organic standards.
Spawn Mate II SESDS27%OystersA blend of simple carbohydrates and a low protein content that is the ideal choice for oyster production.
SDS57%3.0 - 3.5%All the benefits of the high yielding Promycel Gold formula with the addition of corn gluten meal to enhance compost colonization during spawn run.

Spawn Mate supplements are intended for use at spawning or at the time of casing in Phase III tunnel operations.